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Estonian Association of Disabled Women


Estonian Association of Disabled Women
Endla 59, 10615 Tallinn, Estonia
GSM: +372 56 453 468

Bank account Swedbank AS: 1120280327

Beneficiary: Eesti Puuetega Naiste Ühing (address: 59 Endla Street, Tallinn, Estonia)
Beneficiary's account no IBAN: EE232200001120280327
Beneficiary's bank: Swedbank AS (address: 8 Liivalaia Street,15040 Tallinn, Estonia)

First, I am a human being, then a WOMAN, and I happen to have special needs, just as I happen to have nice bright face.

EUDW"s GOALS are to help women and girls with special needs to integrate into the society, to raise their social activeness and awareness by organizing training courses, actions and other kinds of events.

• inform the society about disabled women"s equal rights, needs and duties;
• to contribute to increasing the society"s tolerant attitude towards women with special needs;
• gather and share information about women with special needs;
• make proposals to local governments as well as legislative bodies, in order to guarantee equal coping possibilities to women with special needs;
• propagate the ideology of equal opportunities among people with special needs;
• monitor and if needed, take measures to guarantee internationally accepted human rights for women with special needs.

Estonian Union of Disabled Women was founded on September 26th, 1998.
At the moment, EUDW has three branches:

  • North Estonian branch
  • South Estonian branch
  • Viljandi county branch

We wish to make the women with special needs and the society at large aware that:
• a disability does not disturb to be a woman
• we have the same rights, responsibilities and duties every other woman does – the right to lead an independent life, to have one"s own family, to be a mother, the right to education, to work and social activeness
• we are there, and we hope for understanding and tolerance from all our co-citizens
• all women have equal rights to education and work
• gather and spread information concerning women with special needs
• Inform parents with special needs about their rights and duties
• Support young people with special needs, and their parents
• Collaborate with official institutions, in order to guarantee equal coping possibilities to women with special needs
• Monitor and if needed, take measures to guarantee internationally accepted human rights for women with special needs.
• Collaborate with different organizations in Estonia and abroad

In order to achieve these objectives we:
• Organize:
• training courses
• seminars
• actions
• parties
• encounters
• festive events
• Carry through projects

What is good and important for us ?
• Love is the foundation of life
• Home, children and family make our life meaningful
• Self-fulfillment leaves our trace to this world
• Remaining oneself helps us to stand on our feet
• Warm heart is a woman"s pearl
• Understanding creates bridges of love between people
• Tolerance helps us to see the world in all its colours
• Independence is a human being"s greatest treasure that makes it possible to lead one"s own life
• Education is one of the main ways to a satisfactory job
• Work is an important means to improve one"s wellbeing
• Humanness is what all the aforesaid is about

What we don"t accept ?
• Misunderstandings that create walls between people
• Intolerance that creates animosity
• Derogation that doesn"t allow good things to show themselves
• Narrow-mindedness that is simply stupid
• Unwillingness to notice problems that doesn"t give us a chance to develop
• Self-pity that doesn"t allow us to give the best we have
• Being closed between one"s four walls that makes us to hide away from life
• Stepping over each other that doesn"t let us to notice another person while we just rush by
• Discrimination that is just a way to pigeonhole human beings
• Violence that is never a solution to the problem, but instead, humiliates the sufferer psychologically as well as physically
• Indifference that lets it all happen