Estonian Association of Disabled Women was founded on the 26th of September 1998.

In 2013 the association became an umbrella organisation and in 2016 EPNÜL joined with the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People. EPNÜL follows the code of ethics of NGOs in its activities.


Registration number: 80055707
Legal address: Endla 59, Tallinn 10615
Post address: Lastekodu 24-33, Tallinn 10113
Ph +372 564 53 468

Bank account details:

Beneficiary: Eesti Puuetega Naiste Ühenduste Liit
Address: Endla 59, Tallinn, Estonia
IBAN: EE232200001120280327
Bank: Swedbank AS (Estonia)

Our goals:

Informing disabled women and the whole society about:

  • the fact that a disability does not prevent you from being a WOMAN!
  • we have the same rights, responsibilities and obligations as every other woman:
  • a right to independent life,
  • to starting our own family, to being a mother,
  • to education and to work,
  • as well as to being an active citizen.
  • we exist and hope for understanding from all our fellow citizens.

In order to do that we:

  • collect and distribute information pertaining to disabled women,
  • inform disabled parents of their rights and their obligations,
  • support youth with special needs and their parents,
  • work together with state institutions, the public sector, to ensure equal livelihood for disabled women,
  • promote equality and observe how international human rights are ensured,
  • get involved if need be and work with others to reduce inequalities.